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Company Profile


STRATA VESTA operates alongside Mortgage Brokerage TORONTO CAPITAL CORP. (known as, 'Toronto Capital').

Toronto Capital has been active in lending private mortgages since 2014 and has assets under management of approximately $100 million.

To invest with Toronto Capital, a minimum investment threshold of $100,000.00 is required.

With a minimum investment of $5,000.00, STRATA VESTA provides greater accessibility to the larger interest returns of Toronto Capital's investments.

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STRATA VESTA collects capital from investors and allocates the raised funds towards the filling of positions in upcoming mortgage opportunities.

STRATA VESTA investors hold preferred shares in the company that are valuated quarterly.

Monthly, STRATA VESTA collects interest from its portfolio and provides relevant updates to its shareholders.

Quarterly, shareholders have the option of either receiving their interest payable, re-investing their interest payable, or liquidating their investment. 

Interest payable is in accordance with investment amount.


STRATA VESTA is co-managed by Mathieu Di Prospero, President and Dante Mondelli, Chairman.

STRATA VESTA only invests in private mortgage opportunities brokered by Toronto Capital.

STRATA VESTA charges a quarterly management fee subject to the fund’s return.


Once STRATA VESTA’s target annual return and a 3.00% management fee are achieved, all excesses are split evenly between management and preferred shareholders.

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Return on Investment

STRATA VESTA requires a minimum investment of $5,000.

STRATA VESTA’s target annual return is 8.00%.

Interest payable is either paid quarterly or re-invested back into the company at the shareholders’ discretion.

All details concerning investments made by STRATA VESTA are provided in monthly reports.


Return on investment is never guaranteed. However, STRATA VESTA’s investments are backed by Toronto Capital and its private book of over $100 million. This ensures STRATA VESTA always remains secured and liquid.

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